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ASL 2236 Transliterating & Signing Modalities

Course includes practice in Signing Exact English II (SEE II), transliterating and various signing modalities used in special settings or by various special populations such as deaf-blind or individual with other disabilities. Students will focus on transliterating signed/spoken English in educational and technical situations and develop specialized vocabulary in areas typically utilizing transliterators.

Prerequisites: ASL 2201 and ASL 2231

Course Outcomes
  • Organize information systematically and appropriately and transliterate at a minimum of 120 words per minute using conceptually accurate ASL signs in English syntax.
  • Increase command of conceptually accurate signed English vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate a variety of signing modes and systems used by various groups with other disabilities.
  • Develop an awareness of SEE II system and demonstrate SEE at an entry level.
  • Increase speed and fluency with an eventual goal of 120 words per minute.
Credit Hours: 3
  • Classroom: 3 hours
  • Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
  • Department: American Sign Language
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
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