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Criminal Justice Science

CJS 1101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Science

Overview of the criminal justice system and an analysis of the interdependence of its components, including legislative, law enforcement, prosecution, court and correctional systems. Examination of responsibilities of professionals in each of these systems, including ethical and legal responsibilities.

Currently Offered
CJS 1103 - Constitutional Law & Evidentiary Procedures

Survey and interpretation of the Federal Constitution, and an overview of state and federal law and court systems. Emphasis on the Bill of Rights with particular attention to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteen amendments. Study, analysis, and application of the Rules of Evidence and Rules of Criminal Procedure from investigation to arrest, trial, and the appellate process. Additionally, ethical guidelines for Criminal Justice professionals in the detection, apprehension, and prosecution of the accused and constitutional restrictions on government actions.

Currently Offered
CJS 1105 - Criminal Law

Basic concepts of Criminal Law and analysis of state and federal criminal statutes. Elements of crimes, criminal liability, jurisdiction over criminal offenses and criminal defenses and criminal responsibility will be examined. Additionally, crimes against property, crimes against persons and alcohol and drug crimes will be covered.

Currently Offered
CJS 1106 - Transition Skills

Engage students in the process of building a personal portfolio that includes career and financial goals, a professional resume, job search process, a personal budget, a savings and investment plan and access to community resource information. This course will address the process of community re-entry from a personal, social and occupational perspective.

Currently Offered
CJS 1110 - Interrogation, Documentation & Testimony

Development of communication skills applicable to criminal justice professionals. Emphasis on interviewing, interrogation, documentation of evidence in various documents, forms, reports and oral testimony.

Currently Offered
CJS 1125 - Policing

Management and leadership of law enforcement agencies, including investigations, patrol, internal affairs, traffic enforcement and an overview of community based and problem-oriented policing theory and practice. Emphasis on crime analysis and prevention, community partnerships to reduce crime and community education. Principles of organization, staffing, budgeting, controlling, training and planning.

Currently Offered
CJS 1155 - Homeland Security Issues & Administration

Overview of homeland security threats, statutes, resources and the role of law enforcement as first responders with the emphasis on inter-agency cooperation. Examination of contemporary security issues in public and private spaces including risk analysis, critical incident management, inter-agency collaboration, specialized security fields, intelligence gathering and litigation. Exploration of the career opportunities in homeland security.

CJS 1165 - Corrections

Analysis of operations of correctional facilities from historical, functional and management perspectives. Attention to administrative and management issues in different types of facilities, with different populations and in community-based programs. Examination of best practices in the field of corrections, including state and federal programs for institutional and community settings.

Currently Offered
CJS 1197 - Corrections Full Service Jails/Basic Correction Officer Academy

Mandated Ohio Attorney General/Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy training for individuals to attain certification for performing corrections officer functions in full-service jail facilities. Not open to the general student population. Consists of minimum 158 mandated classroom hours of both academic/physical training.

CJS 2111 - Ethics & Professionalism in Criminal Justice

Examination and analysis of legal and ethical obligations of criminal justice professionals in law enforcement, corrections and the courts. Study and assessment of policy and actions of individuals and organizations within the criminal justice system regarding conformity to accepted ethical and legal standards.

Currently Offered
CJS 2145 - Correctional Case Management

Survey of case management theories and approaches for criminal offenders. Understanding of intervention strategies for different types of offenders in institutional and community-based correctional programs.

Currently Offered
CJS 2200 - Human Relations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Examination of cultural differences and the handling of special needs population by the criminal justice system, including current trends in meeting community needs. Emphasis on development of the knowledge and skill sets required of the criminal justice professional to address the needs and issues of diverse clientele throughout the criminal justice process. Strategies for mediation, conflict resolution and critical incident management.

Currently Offered
CJS 2205 - Introduction to Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science

Survey of legal, technical and ethical aspects of criminal investigation. Common principles and techniques of criminal investigation, including crime scene procedures, collection and preservation of evidence, development of leads and criminalistics (current terminology for forensics). Skills necessary to investigate crimes and obtain legally admissible evidence. Basic science of physical, chemical and biological evidence.

CJS 2209 - Computer Crime

Overview of criminal investigation of crimes committed in conjunction with computer technology. Types of crimes, prosecution and prevention strategies.

CJS 2270 - Criminal Justice Science Internship

Observation and participation in a criminal justice agency appropriate to the student's professional goals. Opportunity for integration and application of learning in a professional setting. One classroom, fourteen hours field experience per week.

CJS 2280 - Basic Peace Officer Training I

First half of the mandated Ohio Attorney General/Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy training for individuals to attain certification as peace officers in Ohio law enforcement agencies. Consists of mandated cognitive and psychomotor skills training for entry level Ohio law enforcement officers.

Currently Offered
CJS 2281 - Basic Peace Officer Training II

Second half of the mandated Ohio Attorney General/Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy training for individuals to attain certification as peace officers in Ohio law enforcement agencies. Consists of mandated cognitive and psychomotor skills training for entry level Ohio law enforcement officers.

Currently Offered
CJS 2295 - Criminal Justice Science Seminar

Capstone experience for Criminal Justice Science students that focuses on the integration of learning throughout the program through case study analysis, research and service learning. Additionally, attention will be given to the preparation for employment in the field of criminal justice.

Currently Offered
CJS 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.