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CJS 2145 Correctional Case Management

Survey of case management theories and approaches for criminal offenders. Understanding of intervention strategies for different types of offenders in institutional and community-based correctional programs.

Prerequisites: DEV 0035 and CJS 1101

Course Outcomes
  • Identify successful strategies for the rehabilitation of offenders in the community and in institutional settings.
  • Identify community resources to support the offender's reintegration into the community.
  • Apply appropriate intervention and case management strategies appropriate to the type of offender.
  • Apply appropriate risk assessment and classification tools and techniques.
Credit Hours: 3
  • Classroom: 3 hours
  • Division: Business and Public Services
  • Department: Criminal Justice Science
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: Yes
Available Sections
Face to Face
Downtown Dayton Campus
Ross Correctional Institution
Term: Summer 2023
Format: Condensed content. Shorter than normal term. Course meets in person on scheduled days and times.
Open Seats: 27
Meets: S from 1:00PM to 3:40PM
Section: 601
Open Seats: 27
Meets: S from
1:00PM to 3:40PM
Section: 601