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Dental Health Sciences

DAS 1102 - Introduction to Dental Assisting Terminology

Orientation to terms related specifically to the science of dentistry. Includes dental terminology application along with definitions and relationships of words to other similar dental terms, the use of root words, prefixes and suffixes related to dentistry. Introduction to the profession of dental assisting and the ethics, laws and rules.

Currently Offered
DAS 1104 - Dental Assisting Techniques & Materials I

Principles of dental assisting skills with emphasis on exposure control, dental instrument differentiation, patient anatomy, collecting data and basic dental laboratory procedures. Two classroom, six lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
DAS 1108 - Dental Assisting Office Management

This course will introduce the learner to business operating systems in a dental office. Includes procedure manuals, HIPPA, record keeping, accounts receivable, inventory and scheduling.

DAS 1204 - Dental Assisting Techniques & Materials II

Principles of dental assisting skills with emphasis on dental procedure instrument differentiation. Basic dental laboratory materials and equipment utilization. Two classroom, six lab hours per week.

DAS 1206 - Dental Assisting Radiography

The learner will be introduced to Dental Radiography for the Dental Assistant. The course will prepare the learner for the state license examination for exposing radiographs in a dental office setting. Includes properties of x-rays, the dental x-ray machine, radiation effects, radiation safety, digital imaging, dental films, and the processing of radiographs. One classroom, two lab hours per week.