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Dental Health Sciences

DEH 1102 - Introduction to Dental Hygiene

Orientation to terms related specifically to the science of dentistry to prepare students for the dental hygiene program. Includes dental terminology application along with definitions and relationships of words to other similar dental terms, the use of root words, prefixes and suffixes related to dentistry. Introduction to the profession of dental hygiene and the ethics, laws and rules. Students are strongly encouraged to take SCC 1101 prior to this course.

Currently Offered
DEH 1202 - Head, Neck & Dental Anatomy

Gross anatomy of the head and neck region including the oral cavity. Morphology and function of permanent and primary dentition. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

DEH 1204 - Preclinical Dental Hygiene I

Scientific principles of dental hygiene practice with emphasis on preventive dental health concepts, promotion of dental health, exposure control, data collection, patient assessment, oral health education and basic dental hygiene instrumentation. Two classroom, six lab hours per week.

DEH 1206 - Nutrition & Oral Health

An introduction to biochemistry and basic fundamentals of the science of nutrition, the role of nutrition in oral health and disease, nutrition standards and guidelines, nutrition and oral structures, nutrition through the life cycle, dietary analysis and nutritional counseling.

Currently Offered
DEH 1302 - Preclinical Dental Hygiene II

Scientific principles of dental hygiene practice with emphasis on preventive dental health concepts, pedodontic care, promotion of dental health, care planning, patient referral and dental specialties, periodontal instrumentation, care of the removable prosthesis and oral health education. Two classroom, six lab hours per week.

DEH 1304 - Oral Histology & Embryology

Microscopic anatomy of the human cell and tissues. Embryologic development of the head and neck. Histology of tooth development.

Currently Offered
DEH 1305 - Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

Principles of general first aid and managing medical emergencies in dental practice. Two lab hours per week.

DEH 1306 - General & Oral Pathology

Study of human disease processes and their physiological manifestations with emphasis on the etiology, signs and symptoms of pathological conditions within the oral cavity and associated structures.

DEH 1308 - Dental Radiology

Scientific principles of radiation, radiographic production and patient management in dental practice. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

DEH 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.

DEH 2402 - Clinical Dental Hygiene I

Foundations of periodontics with emphasis on periodontal disease progression and classification, etiology of periodontal diseases including gingival disease and periodontitis, assessment for clinical decision making, nonsurgical periodontal therapy.

DEH 2403 - Dental Hygiene Clinic I

Clinical dental hygiene practice with emphasis on the process of dental hygiene care, exposure control, dental imaging and diagnostic assessment procedures, care planning and education, prophylaxis and preventive procedures, pedodontic patient care and management, utilization of practice management technology. Twenty-one clock hours each week will be spent seeing patients over an 8-week term.

DEH 2502 - Pharmacology in the Dental Practice

Overview of the conventional drug classes with emphasis on the actions, effects and indications for those used in the dental practice.

Currently Offered
DEH 2503 - Pain Control in the Dental Practice

Laboratory and clinical training in the administration of local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation.

Currently Offered
DEH 2504 - Dental Hygiene Research

Overview of statistical terminology needed to evaluate research literature and prepare and present dental hygiene research papers.

DEH 2506 - Dental Materials

General knowledge and use of various dental materials commonly used in the dental practice setting. Introduces the physical and chemical properties, structures, uses and manipulation of materials. One classroom, three lab hours per week.

DEH 2508 - Clinical Dental Hygiene II

A continuation of the dental hygiene process of care, powered instrumentation, child abuse and neglect, risk assessment, medically compromised and special needs patient care, periodontal maintenance, adjunctive therapies, periodontal surgical concepts, dental implant maintenance and periodontal emergencies.

Currently Offered
DEH 2509 - Dental Hygiene Clinic II

Clinical dental hygiene practice with emphasis on diagnostic procedures and assessment, care planning and education, preventive and therapeutic procedures, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, periodontal maintenance, medically compromised and special needs patient care, professional communication and case presentation. Twenty-one practicum hours per week.

Currently Offered
DEH 2601 - Community Dental Health

Introduction to community and public health concepts and community health education. Two lab hours per week.

DEH 2602 - Clinical Dental Hygiene III

A continuation of the dental hygiene process of care, advanced instrumentation and procedures, dietary assessment and counseling, tobacco education and cessation, emerging trends and special topics, professional philosophy and life-long learning.

DEH 2603 - Dental Hygiene Clinic III

Clinical dental hygiene practice with emphasis on advanced instrumentation and procedures, adjunctive therapies, dietary assessment and nutritional counseling, tobacco education and cessation strategies, risk assessment, coding strategies, pain control, evaluation of dental hygiene care and prognosis.

DEH 2604 - Dental Hygiene Practice

Examines current trends in dental hygiene including resume and interviewing strategies, practice setting selection, legal and ethical issues, business of dental hygiene, professional development and organized dental hygiene.