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DEH 2509 Dental Hygiene Clinic II

Clinical dental hygiene practice with emphasis on diagnostic procedures and assessment, care planning and education, preventive and therapeutic procedures, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, periodontal maintenance, medically compromised and special needs patient care, professional communication and case presentation. Twenty-one practicum hours per week.

Prerequisites: DEH 2403 and Restricted to Majors

Course Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the principles of non-surgical periodontal therapy in the treatment of a variety of periodontal diseases.
  • Evaluate patient periodontal status in determining appropriate educational directives and therapeutic procedures for periodontal maintenance.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the dental hygiene process of care to medically compromised and special needs patients.
  • Demonstrate powered instrumentation techniques for biofilm, stain and calculus removal in both preventive and therapeutic procedures.
  • Develop periodontal care plans for the implementation of non-surgical periodontal therapy based on patient assessment data and current standards of care.
  • Develop patient self-care recommendations and instruction based on individual patient oral health status, preferences, and abilities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to organize and present patient assessment findings and treatment outcomes utilizing professional communication skills with peers and faculty.
  • Use effective verbal and non-verbal skills to deliver appropriate messages effectively in the clinical setting.
Credit Hours: 3
  • Practicum: 21 hours
  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Dental Health Sciences
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
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