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DEV 0035 Integrated Developmental Reading & Writing II

Integrated reading/writing course focusing on essay writing and critical reading/thinking skills. Includes stated and implied main ideas, college-level vocabulary development, and the stages of the essay writing process.

Prerequisites: DEV 0015 or Other (Placement Test Score)

Course Outcomes
  • Utilize the stages of the essay writing process, identify the structure of essays, and apply principles of organization to written assignments.
  • Utilize sound judgments about written materials by applying critical thinking strategies.
  • Comprehend and use vocabulary effectively in reading and writing.
  • Read and write a variety of texts, demonstrating reading comprehension, clear focus, logical development of ideas, use of appropriate language, and grammatical principles.
  • Identify stated and implied main ideas, supporting details and modes of writing in college level readings.
  • Develop and use effective reading, writing, and revision strategies.
Credit Hours: 4
  • Classroom: 4 hours
  • Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
  • Department: English
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: Yes
Available Sections
Online Learning
Online Learning
Faculty: Aselage
Term: Spring 2024
Format: Condensed content. Shorter than normal term - meets once or a few times only. Complete work online when it fits your schedule, while adhering to weekly deadlines. No scheduled meeting times. Requires computer and high-speed internet.
Restrictions: Not Eligible for CCP Program
Note: B Term
Course Fee: $30.00
Open Seats: 12
Section: 5B1
Open Seats: 12
Section: 5B1