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Nutrition and Dietetics

DIT 1105 - Introduction to Nutrition & Dietetics

Exploration of the nutrition and dietetics profession. Introduces the professional organization and structure as well as supporting professional nutrition organizations. Covers credentialing and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Code of Ethics. Clarifies the roles and requirements of different nutrition professionals. Utilizes an expert panel discussion venue with area nutrition professionals in various practice roles. Investigates areas of employment and advanced degree programs. Students review the Policies and Procedures for the Nutrition and Dietetics department. Student initiate a professional e-portfolio, which is maintained throughout many Sinclair programs.

Currently Offered
DIT 1108 - Nutrition for the Culinary Professional

Introduction to general nutrition principles emphasizing foundations of healthy cooking. Explores how to gauge customers' needs/wants while developing and implementing healthy menu options. Includes National Restaurant Association Education Foundation ManageFirst Nutrition Exam. Successful completion of exam fulfills requirements toward American Culinary Federation (ACF) certification.

Currently Offered
DIT 1111 - Nutrition for Health & Fitness

Overview of general nutrition principles focusing on healthy food choices, disease prevention and sports nutrition. Explores fad diets, herb/supplements and use of ergogenic aids. Incorporates effective use of nutrition information from reliable sources as well as personal responsibility in a professional setting.

Currently Offered
DIT 1210 - Medical Terminology for Dietetics

The use of root words, combining forms, prefixes and suffixes related to pathology, diagnosis and treatment of body systems pertaining to the practice of dietetics. Exposure to research journal articles and medical terminology application.

Currently Offered
DIT 1525 - Human Nutrition

This is an in-depth study of the principles of nutrition with emphasis on the functions of the nutrients, their digestion, absorption, metabolism, inter-relationships and nutrition requirements. Incorporates assessment of nutritional health risks, health promotion and disease prevention theories. Explores the influence of socioeconomic, cultural, psychological and environmental factors on food and nutritional behavior.

Currently Offered
DIT 1630 - Nutrition in the Lifecycle

Nutritional needs of individuals from conception to maturity, including physiological, psychological, environmental and sociological factors affecting nutrition. The Nutrition Care Process is introduced. Incorporates weekly sessions on weight management strategies with a client. Examines nutrition concerns for special health conditions. Two classroom, five directed practice hours per week.

Currently Offered
DIT 1635 - Community Nutrition

Addresses community food/nutrition issues and federal/nongovernmental programs designed to meet needs of at-risk populations. Focuses on tools, strategies and resources to evaluate effectiveness of community programs. Students participate with community agencies providing nutrition programs and education. Two classroom, five directed practice hours per week.

DIT 1825 - Nutrition for Exercise & Sport Science

Study of the interrelationship between nutrition and physical fitness including nutrient and food energy needs of individuals who are physically active. Discussion of nutritional aspects for specific sports. Examination of nutrition research related to health enhancement and performance. Investigation of current research in the nutritional evaluation of the athlete. Topics include dietary needs, fluid replenishment, pre-game meals, tissue maintenance, growth and development, immune function, energy development, dietary guidelines, sound dietary practices and "fad" diets for the athlete.

Currently Offered
DIT 2101 - Eating Matters for Dining Assistants

Practical skill development in feeding techniques for the elderly. Ensures understanding of nutritional needs of residents, communication and interactions between residents/staff, behavior challenges and safety procedures. Students receive a Dining Assistant Certificate from Ohio Department of Health upon completion.

Currently Offered
DIT 2180 - Medical Nutrition Therapy for Dietary Managers

Introductory course for nutrition care personnel in health care institutions. Overview of nutrition principles, medical nutrition therapy and menu planning. Exploration of diseases/health conditions that require nutrition intervention. Addresses multidisciplinary team approach to resident care. Nutrition Care Process introduced with basic nutrition-related calculations.

Currently Offered
DIT 2190 - Dietary Managers Nutrition Clinical

Hands-on experiences in health care institutions. Incorporates the Nutrition Care Process with emphasis on screening/documentation of client information. Utilizes basic nutrition principles for menu planning, medical nutrition therapy while providing quality care. Requires Registered, Licensed Dietitian preceptor for a portion of the four clinical lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
DIT 2240 - Motivational Interviewing, Nutrition Counseling & Communication

Integrated approach to the theory, techniques, skills, and values of Motivational interviewing, nutrition-focused interviewing and counseling. Practice through written assignments, self study, classroom exercises, and role-playing. Explore teaching methods/materials to maximize educator effectiveness while accommodating different learning styles and diverse audiences. Evaluation of learning is included. Use of media/education resources and equipment materials addressed. Research design methods are introduced and analyzed. Service Learning projects are incorporated into course activities.

Currently Offered
DIT 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.

DIT 2305 - Food, Culture & Cuisine

Explore cuisines of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mediterranean and the Americas. Identify the demographics and research/evaluate the differences and similarities among the various cultures of the world. Demonstrate the relationship between traditional foods, cultural and current food practices. One classroom, three clinical lab hours per week.

DIT 2310 - Lab for Food, Culture & Cuisine

This laboratory component of DIT 2305 explores cuisines of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mediterranean and the Americas. Indigenous ingredients and flavor profiles of international cuisines are addressed. Advanced preparation methods and cooking techniques will be utilized and demonstrated. Two lab hours per week.

DIT 2505 - Food Science & Production Lab I

This course is an introduction to the science of food in relation to chemical composition, nutritional value, processing methods, quality, safety, and standards of identity using an ecological approach, experimentation, and research. Students will demonstrate cooking methods and procedures, use basic and advanced knife skills, maintain nutritional quality of food and present proper plate composition for aesthetic value. One classroom, six lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
DIT 2510 - Institutional Foodservice Systems

This course incorporates food delivery and production systems, facility and materials management, menu planning, food and non-food procurement, cost and quality control methods. Food safety and sanitation principles will be applied.

Currently Offered
DIT 2515 - Foodservice Practicum I

Hands-on experience completed in an institutional foodservice kitchen. Covers menu development including modified diets, recipe scaling, forecasting and food production, equipment care and use, kitchen layout and design, safety and sanitation. Five directed-practice hours per week at assigned site.

Currently Offered
DIT 2520 - Food Science Lab II

This laboratory component of DIT 2510 course addresses food science principles for the functions of ingredients in modified textured and therapeutic recipe preparation. This is a continuation of quantity cooking principles, sensory evaluation of food, recipe standardization, kitchen equipment and food safety and sanitation. Hazard analysis critical control point standards are reinforced. Two lab hours per week.

DIT 2625 - Medical Nutrition Therapy I

Medical nutrition therapy for physiologic stress, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Content includes modified texture/therapeutic feeding strategies, dietary interventions for swallowing difficulties and enteral/parenteral/IV feeding routes. Incorporates the nutrition care process with emphasis on nutritional assessments, minimum data sets, care assessment triggers and care plans.

Currently Offered
DIT 2630 - Medical Nutrition Therapy Clinical I

Directed practice component of medical nutrition therapy I series: for physiologic stress, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease and disorders of the upper gastrointestinal tract. Menu writing for therapeutic interventions; feeding routes for enteral, parenteral and IV therapy; patient interviews, nutrition screening and nutrition care process. Ten directed practice hours per week.

Currently Offered
DIT 2735 - Foodservice Organization & Management

Describe functions of management and identify a variety of tools used to assist with organizational performance. Application of marketing concepts, financial reports/budget, quality improvement and current trends/regulations.

Currently Offered
DIT 2740 - Foodservice Practicum II

Hands-on experience completed in an institutional foodservice setting. Covers five major aspects of human resource management: planning, organizing, directing, controlling and evaluating and the tools used to assist with organizational performance. Includes marketing of services, budget concerns and cost control measures while maintaining quality service within regulatory guidelines. Five directed-practice hours per week at assigned site.

Currently Offered
DIT 2845 - Medical Nutrition Therapy II

Capstone course for the medical nutrition therapy series. Course content includes medical nutrition therapy for cancer, AIDS, disorders of the lower gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver and renal disease. Incorporates review modules, case studies, critical thinking exercises and the nutrition care process addressing feeding routes and diseases.

DIT 2850 - Medical Nutrition Therapy Clinical II

Directed practice component covering topics in Medical Nutrition Therapy II: cancer, childhood obesity, disorders of the lower gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, liver, renal diseases. Practicum includes: menu writing for modified texture/ therapeutic interventions; feeding routes; patient interviews, nutrition screening/education and the nutrition care process from admission to discharge. Ten directed practice hours per week.

DIT 2855 - Nutrition & Dietetics Seminar

Capstone course prepares students for national credentialing dietetic technician examination/employment. Reviews Food and Nutrition, Food Service Systems and Sanitation, Education Methods and Management domains. Includes job interviewing skills and resume writing. Reviews professional ethics, including life-long learning and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Professional Portfolio.