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Electronics Engineering Technology

EET 1116 - Electronics Schematics & Fabrication

Draw circuits using Multisim. Compose directories using Windows commands. Identify schematic symbols and components. Produce a technical document with text, graphs and schematics. Assembly of circuits. Three classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 1120 - Introduction to DC & AC Circuits

Introduction to direct and alternating current (DC/AC) circuits, power, three phase and test equipment. One classroom, two lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
EET 1121 - UAS Remote Sensing & Analysis

This course introduces the foundations of remote sensing and data analysis. Students will acquire knowledge of the characteristics of various sensors and remote sensing applications applicable to civil unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations. Emphasis is placed on data acquisition and processing.

EET 1131 - Digital Electronics

Number systems, operations and codes, logic gates, Boolean algebra, DeMorgan's theorem and logic simplification, combination logic circuits, encoders/decoders, multiplexers/demultiplexers, adders, subtractors and ALUs, flip-flops and related devices, counters, shift registers, memory and storage, integrated circuit technologies. Four classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 1139 - Electrical Machinery

Basic principle, theory, operation and characteristics of common DC and AC machinery. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 1150 - DC Circuits

Electrical components and quantities, voltage , current and resistance, Ohm’s law; analysis of series, parallel and series-parallel circuits, circuit theorems, capacitors and inductors, transient response of capacitive and inductive circuits. Three classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 1155 - AC Circuits

Sinusoidal wave properties, complex numbers and phasors, behavior of transformers, steady-state behavior of RC circuits under AC conditions, steady-state behavior of RL circuits under AC conditions, steady-state behavior of RLC circuits under AC conditions, analysis of basic filter circuits, AC network theorems such as superposition, Thevenin's and Norton's theorems, three phase and polyphase power and power factor analysis. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 1158 - Aerospace Spatial Visualization

This course provides a basic overview of remote sensing, highlights the need for space astronomy, describes the composition of the space environment, principles of black/white and color photography, highlights the importance and different aspects of aerial photography and videography, aerial ground control and land mapping, visual image interpretation, thermal radiation principles associated with thermal sensing, remote sensing history from space as well as the U.S. Landsat program operations and contribution, digital image processing and classification, and microwave sensing principles and applications. One classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 1166 - Industrial Machine Wiring

Elementary industrial machine wiring principles; schematics, panel layouts, assembly, wiring techniques and equipment used in automated industry; standards for safe operation of equipment and protection of personnel with emphasis given to hands-on work and actual wiring of panels. Two classroom, two lab hours per week. Note: EGR 1106 may be taken concurrently with department approval.

EET 1181 - Electrical Construction I

Basic safety procedures, use of hand and power tools; electrical circuit theory; use of test equipment; basics of residential, commercial and industrial wiring observing National Electric Code (NEC). One classroom, six lab hours per week

EET 1182 - Electrical Construction II

Alternating current theory, motors, grounding, conduit bending, conductor installation, National Electric Code (NEC) for cables, terminations and splices, electrical single and three phase installation, circuit breakers and fuses, contactors and relays. One classroom, six lab hours per week.

EET 1183 - Electrical Construction III

Load calculations for branch circuits, overcurrent protection, wiring devices, distribution equipment, transformers, calculations for motor circuits: motor maintenance and controls and basics of HVAC systems. One classroom, six lab hours per week.

EET 1184 - Electrical Construction IV

Calculation procedures for residential, commercial and farming applications, various wiring systems, stand-by and emergency systems, basic electronics, fire alarms, special transformers, solid-state controls, welding techniques, heat and freeze protection and high-voltage termination. One classroom, six lab hours per week.

EET 1198 - Digital Technology

Electrical fundamentals, introduction to basics of digital logic and circuits, digital systems and basic digital circuit design. One classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 2157 - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

Review of basic radio frequency identification (RFID) terminology, emerging electronic product code (EPCglobal) standards, tag design and applications; interrogators configuration, installation and maintenance of common peripherals, various hardware and software components of a complete system, hands-on lab experience and basic RFID applications. Two classroom and two lab hours per week.

EET 2201 - Electronic Devices & Circuits

Semiconductor properties, diode applications, special-purpose diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), BJT biasing circuits and stability, BJT amplifier circuits, multistage amplifier design, power amplifiers, field effect transistors (FETs), JFET and MOSFET biasing circuits, FET amplifier circuits, frequency analysis, thyristors and applications, negative and positive feedback concepts, oscillators, Op-Amp circuits and applications, and electronically regulated power supplies. Four classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 2221 - UAS Sensors & Systems

Course will provide students a foundational understanding encompassing all elements of an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Students will be provided the knowledge and necessary skill set to support UAS application. Three classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 2257 - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Capstone

Initiating best analysis, design and implementation of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution. Configuration and troubleshooting exercises designed to illustrate the power of today's RFID readers and their interaction with input/output, practical, in-depth instruction and hands-on guidance for leveraging RFID in the real world. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 2259 - Programming for Electronics Technology

Computer solutions of engineering technology problems using LabVIEW. Covers the LabVIEW programming environment and virtual instruments, data types, debugging, sub-virtual instruments, programming structures, arrays, graphical presentation and analysis, file input/output, instrument control, data acquisition, and applications to electronic circuits. Three classroom, two lab hours per week.

EET 2261 - Microprocessors

Microprocessor architecture, assembly language programming, bus structures and timing diagrams, memory technologies and interfacing, input/output interface and systems, interrupt-processed input/output, direct memory access (DMA), microcontroller applications and microprocessor-based communications. Three classroom, three lab hours per week.

EET 2270 - Electronics Engineering Technology Internship

Students earn credits toward degree requirements for work learning experience. Students already working may apply to use that experience to meet internship requirements. Students establish learning outcomes and prepare related reports and/or projects each semester. Ten co-op hours per week per credit hour.

Currently Offered
EET 2278 - Electronics Project Capstone

Review of electronic circuits, analog and digital electronics, microcontrollers, design and layout of printed circuit board, fabricate-assemble-test-troubleshoot working prototype, write report. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

EET 2281 - Programmable Logic Controllers

Provides history of control systems and PLCs, use of number systems, ladder logic programming devices, Control I/O modules, relays, contacts, coils, and timers, counters and sequencers, fundamental PLC programming, and data transfer. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
EET 2282 - Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers

Demonstrate the use of control and set analog I/O, bit and project based programming, control servos with analog & High Speed Counter (HSC) cards, the use of ethernet network for programmable logic controllers (PLCs), the interaction between PLCs and sensors, installation and repair. Two classroom, two lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
EET 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.