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GEO 1209 Introduction to Cartography

This course is an introduction to the science and art of map making. From the history and principles of thematic map compilation and design, basics of map projections, data sources and processing, map color, symbolization and topography to common types and styles of thematic maps. Three classroom, two lab hours per week.

Prerequisites: GEO 1107

Course Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the use of various GIS software applications in map design.
  • Demonstrate an ability to identify various map types and interpret geographic spatial relationships within these maps.
  • Apply principles of cartographic design and production.
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply the basics of color theory application in cartographic and map design.
  • Demonstrate an ability to design and effectively communicate spatial information through maps.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of visual hierarchy in maps, layout design, symbology, pattern selection, and legend placement.
Credit Hours: 4
  • Classroom: 3 hours
  • Lab: 2 hours
  • Division: Liberal Arts, Communication and Social Sciences
  • Department: Geography
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
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