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MRK 2100 - Foundations of Marketing

Foundations of Marketing is designed to provide a broad introduction to the field of marketing. Marketing is far more than just selling or advertising within a business setting; it is a major part of our everyday lives. This course will illustrate the importance of marketing and skills that are applicable to all specializations within business.

Currently Offered
MRK 2101 - Principles of Marketing Management

Marketing strategies and decision making in the context of other business functions. Topics include: research and analysis of markets, environments and competition; market segmentation and selection of target markets; consumer and organizational behavior; planning and integration of product, price, promotion and distribution activities for profit and nonprofit, domestic and global settings.

Currently Offered
MRK 2102 - Principles of Advertising

This course focuses on integrated marketing communications (IMC). The concepts of IMC enhance the equity of brands and show how advertising, promotion, packaging and branding strategies, point-of-purchase communications, public relations, event and cause-oriented sponsorships can affect the marketing of products, goods, services or ideas.

MRK 2135 - Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad and growing field encompassing any form of marketing that utilizes technology to deliver a message. Students in this course study some of the most popular tactics used by successful businesses today to promote their brand and reach their customers. This information is applied in hands-on activities that expose students to real-world business situations, including developing a digital marketing campaign for a brand.

Currently Offered
MRK 2145 - Principles of Retailing

Functions and concepts for the retail organization. Development and implementation of policies and procedures in planning, pricing, display, layout, buying and services from a management perspective. A consumer-centered approach to examining problems of various types.

MRK 2220 - Small Business Marketing

This course explores the marketing strategy and planning process. Special emphasis is given to analyzing marketing techniques used by innovative entrepreneurs. Students will work collaboratively to develop a marketing plan for a start-up or existing business.

MRK 2225 - Sales Fundamentals

Along with exploring potential career opportunities, this course introduces students to the approaches and philosophies used by successful sales professionals. Topics such as identifying and communicating with prospects, identifying needs, matching presentation styles to the situation, handling objections, closing techniques and long-term relationship building strategies will be explored.

MRK 2230 - Social Media & Consumer Engagement

The emergence and growth of social media changed the way we communicate and conduct business. Consumers can influence one another and brands now more than ever, and this power shift creates both opportunities and challenges for organizations today. This course includes a brief overview of the popular social media platforms, but primarily focuses on how brands can use social media strategically to connect with customers and achieve their goals. Students apply this information by evaluating and developing social marketing campaigns.

MRK 2236 - Consumer Behavior

This course is designed to enable students to acquire an understanding of the purchasing decision process for individuals, families and organizations. Psychological, societal, and cultural influences on consumer decisions will be studied. Marketing strategy implications of conceptual constructs will be discussed throughout the course.

MRK 2250 - Digital Marketing Analytics

Today’s marketers are concerned about measuring both qualitative and quantitative data as well as return on investment for their digital marketing campaigns. In this course, students will learn about digital marketing analytics theories, gain experience in using tools such as Google Analytics, and will be prepared to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certification.

MRK 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.