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OTA 1313 Occupational Therapy & Adults with Neurological Dysfunction

Effect of the features of major neurological diseases, injuries and disorders on adult occupational performance. Neurological Dysfunction theories, models of practice, frames of reference that provide the foundation of Occupational Therapy. Screening and evaluation of occupational performance affected by neurological dysfunction. Includes use of occupations for the purpose of assessment, specified screening tools, assessments, observation, checklists, histories and interviews with clients and/or their family members or caregivers.

Prerequisites: OTA 1213

Course Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the ability to articulate the role of the OTA in screening and evaluation process and importance of and rationale for supervision and collaboration between the occupational therapist and the occupational therapy assistant in that process.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic anatomy and physiology of a normally functioning central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.
  • Understand the effects of neurological heritable diseases, genetic conditions, disability, trauma and injury to the neurological health and occupational performance of the individual.
Credit Hours: 2
  • Classroom: 2 hours
  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Rehabilitation Services
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
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