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RAT 2649 Mammography Practicum

A variable credit clinical education course that provides hands-on experience performing mammographic procedures and quality assurance testing at an affiliate hospital and/or imaging center. Seven practicum hours per week for each semester credit hour.

Prerequisites: NONE

Course Outcomes
  • Identify breast anatomy and physiology and pathological conditions of the breast and surrounding tissues, and apply radiographic positioning techniques for routine and non-routine mammographic procedures.
  • Utilize effective interpersonal communication, professional and ethical conduct in all aspects of mammographic procedures including patient care and education.
  • Apply standard technical considerations with mammographic equipment operation, patient assessment and safety.
  • Analyze finished mammographic images for quality and demonstrate correcting measures for unacceptable images.
  • Identify and perform quality control, quality assurance measures in compliance with federal and/or state mammography regulations/guidelines.
Credit Hours: 1 to 4
  • Practicum: 7 hours
  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Radiologic Technology
  • Repeatable Credit: Yes
  • Offered Online: No
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