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VET 1120 Introduction to Large Animal Sciences: Handling & Husbandry

Introduction to Large Animal Sciences will provide the student with knowledge and practical experience of safe handling practices and husbandry management for a variety of farm animal species. Specifically, students will learn about animal contributions to our society, production systems, animal breeding, nutrition, and contemporary issues surrounding agriculture today.

Prerequisites: NONE

Course Outcomes
  • The student will demonstrate their knowledge of contemporary issues in animal agriculture through discussion of these issues.
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of the principles of animal science and livestock production systems and management.
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of, and be able to discuss contributions of animal production and its commodities to society.
Credit Hours: 3
  • Classroom: 3 hours
  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Veterinary Technology
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
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