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VET 1202 Introduction to Veterinary Technology II

This course will continue the education of the veterinary technical student in the subjects of: Clinical Sciences, Medical Nursing, Emergency and Critical Care, Pain Management, and the basics of Surgical Nursing.

Prerequisites: ALH 1101 and BIO 1141 and BIO 1147 and ENG 1101 and MAT 1130 and VET 1102

Course Outcomes
  • Describe medical, surgical, and nursing practices in Veterinary Technology practice.
  • Describe and exhibit appropriate communication skills with team members and to "clientele" within the constructs of the preventive care project.
  • Identify and describe appropriate tests for common infectious, immune-mediated, traumatic, neoplastic, degenerative, and idiopathic diseases common within a variety or species.
Credit Hours: 2
  • Classroom: 2 hours
  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Veterinary Technology
  • Repeatable Credit: No
  • Offered Online: No
Available Sections
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