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VIS 1100 - Design Foundations

Students are introduced to the fundamental principles and elements of design, through the application of critical and creative thinking skills, messaging, and storytelling; understanding of social and cultural context, human behavior, color, typography, image and modeling, resulting in traditional and digital conceptualization of visual communication projects. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
VIS 1140 - Design Processes I

Introduction to the design development process including research, ideation and iteration, computer illustration, imaging, photo manipulation, page layout, and composition techniques using industry-based software.

Currently Offered
VIS 1150 - Design Processes II

Students will be introduced to page layout and design utilizing Adobe InDesign and other industry standard tools. This course will explore the principles and elements of design, the design process, fundamentals of typographic: history, anatomy, classifications, and legibility, grid systems hierarchy, color, and professional design practices. Through a series of exercises and projects, students will explore page layout, typography, and color to solve communication problems.

Currently Offered
VIS 1180 - History & Theory of Graphic Design

History of graphic design covering major designers and their work, as well as design movements. From the origins of graphic art including printing and typography through the rise of the Internet, this course will explore the connection between culture and technology in the evolution of graphic design.

Currently Offered
VIS 1210 - Design Drawing

Introduction to drawing techniques as applied to design, including stylization, perspective, application of color and texture, design processes, shading and light to create depth and dimension in a 2-D rendering or illustration. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
VIS 1220 - Typographic Design

Students will expand their fundamental understanding of typography by exploring research, establishing emotional connections with audiences, grid systems, hierarchy, color, and professional design practices. Through a series of exercises and projects, students will explore the advanced language of typography by examining, analyzing, and experimenting with the letterform, word, sentence, paragraph, column, and pages. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
VIS 1250 - Print Production

This course will provide the fundamentals of the various printing and design processes. It will include digital prepress techniques used to prepare layouts for the different processes used in the industry.

Currently Offered
VIS 1310 - History & Theory of Web Design

This course introduces students to the planning and development of interactive media, with a special emphasis on web design.

VIS 1320 - User Experience/User Interface

The course will explore fundamental concepts in human-computer interaction (HCI) theory and usability and learn about various cutting-edge technologies to measure digital media environment design effectiveness. The coursework will allow students to learn to pay specific attention to user expectations and how they drive user behavior. The course's primary outcome is the design and management of usability study, then reporting that study's results.

Currently Offered
VIS 1330 - Web Design

This course is an introduction to web design. Students will learn how to evaluate and develop quality websites by applying various web concepts. Students will learn how to use software to design and develop websites.

Currently Offered
VIS 1410 - History & Theory of Video Production

This course introduces and explores types of video production and the process of creating a video, including pre-production (budgeting, storytelling, scripting and storyboarding), production and post-production concepts. The course will explore essential video equipment, terminology related to video production, and an historical background in the field of video production.

Currently Offered
VIS 1420 - Video Production

This course introduces professional production of digital video, from concept to completion, including planning, storyboarding, recording, editing, and publishing for broadcast and online use.

Currently Offered
VIS 1430 - Lighting & Cinematography

This course serves to introduce students to the technical aspects of filming video and lighting. Students will record and edit an interview style video with multiple cameras, complex lighting and sound.

Currently Offered
VIS 1440 - Audio Production

This course will introduce students to the technical aspect of recording and editing audio. Students will learn about best practices in capturing audio, industry standard hardware, and editing professional audio for output.

Currently Offered
VIS 2110 - Design Principles

Development of an identity system, visual language, stationery system and identity manual. Exploration of advanced elements and principles of design; introduction to symbology. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

VIS 2120 - Design Applications I

Design Applications I will cover the development of a pictogram and wayfinding system that will be used as a component to an overall Identity Manual developed in Design Principles. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

VIS 2130 - Motion Design

This course introduces basic principles of animation (squash and stretch, anticipation, easing, etc.); the motion design process, including scripting, storyboarding, animatics, and final animation; and, industry-standard motion design software.

Currently Offered
VIS 2140 - Web Principles

This course will cover advanced techniques, practical guidelines, and best practices for building web applications. Student will have strong knowledge of design principles and elements in relation to designing user interface (UI) for the web.

VIS 2150 - Web Applications

This course incorporates elements from each of the core program courses to allow students to talk through the entire web design process, including design/project documentation, wireframing, creating mock-ups, revisions, pages and final deliverables. Upon completion, students will have a professional website that can serve as part of their professional portfolio.

VIS 2160 - Design Applications II

Advanced application of design principles. Emphasis will be placed on information design to include creating print and fully developed digital media. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
VIS 2170 - Web Content Management

This course focuses on web design utilizing industry-standard, database-driven, content management systems.

VIS 2180 - Video Principles

This course serves to introduce students to the planning, execution and revision from concept to completion of video components for the professional productions of projects, including news spots, motion graphics, interviews, testimonials and podcasts.

VIS 2190 - Video Applications I

The planning, execution, and revision from concept to completion of video components for the professional productions of projects including branding campaigns, explainer videos, mini documentaries or vlogs, data-driven videos, and step-by-step videos.

VIS 2200 - Video Applications II

This course focuses on academic research and data driven video content. Students will learn about target audience and consider the best way for a brand to advertise to that audience. Students will also learn about academic research and create a data driven video or documentary.

VIS 2260 - Design Portfolio

Graphic design business practices including individualized portfolio development, work experience and development of professional practice skills; including cost estimating, contract writing, sales and communication techniques. Two classroom, four lab hours per week.

Currently Offered
VIS 2270 - Design Internship

Students earn elective credits toward Visual Communications or Interior Design degree requirements for work-learning experience. Students establish learning outcomes and prepare related reports and/or projects in consultation with the employer and faculty. Twelve field experience hours per credit hour each week.

VIS 2297 - Special Topics

Varied content offering of special interest to the discipline but not covered within existing courses; may be scheduled in a classroom/seminar setting or in nontraditional format.