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Academic Petition Process

If you experienced an emergency situation which affected your ability to withdraw before the deadline date or your ability to finish course requirements, you may ask the Academic Petitions Committee to consider your circumstances. You must file a petition through the Office of the Assistant Provost as soon as possible, but no later than two years following the term when the grade was recorded. Please note that this process can only be used to change a grade of F or Z to a grade of W.

Examples of emergency situations which might support your petition are:

-Accident or sudden, severe illness for which medical treatment was received

-Unexpected hospitalization 

-Death of a family member

-Unanticipated out-of-town assignment by employer


-Other emergencies*

-Other medical or mental health emergencies (fill out a medical or mental health withdrawal see information below)*

With your petition you must submit documentation of your circumstances that prevented you from withdrawing before the deadline and/or impacted your ability to attend class and complete coursework. Documentation from your physician, employer, agency, etc. must be on letterhead and contain the dates pertaining to your situation to verify your inability to withdraw or attend class.

Once a petition is submitted, it is logged in and placed on the agenda for the next Academic Petition Committee meeting. This cycle can take up to three months to complete. Additionally, the Committee does not meet during the summer months.

The results of the Committee's petition decision, whether granted or denied, will be communicated to you by a letter sent to the address on the petition you submit.

The online Academic Petition form can be accessed at

If you are interested in filing a Tuition Refund Appeal, a separate process must be initiated through the Bursar's office.  You may contact the Bursar's office directly at 937-512-2568.

For any issues that may fall under the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policy resulting in students requiring resources, contact the Title IX office at 937-512-2961 or at

*For other medical or mental health emergencies see the Mental/Medical Health Withdrawal policy prior to contacting academic petitions.

Medical or Mental Health Withdrawal

A medical or mental health withdrawal is defined as withdrawal from classes due to a severe medical condition, either physical or emotional. It is intended for use only in extraordinary circumstances in which unanticipated serious illness or injury prevents a student from continuing to attend or participate in one or more classes and must be submitted no later than two years following the term when the grade was recorded.

Request Process:

1. Withdrawals requests based on physical or emotional issues should be completed as soon as possible by the student or the student's legal guardian and submitted electronically

2. Medical statement must be completed by physician and/or therapist All application materials will be confidentially maintained.

3. If you receive financial aid or veterans benefits, discuss the impact of your withdrawal on your eligibility for the assistance received.

a) Students receiving financial aid or military-related funding should speak with departmental staff members in the Military Family Education Center or with an enrollment specialist in the Welcome Center to have an understanding how it may impact their current financial aid, or future financial aid.

b) Students requesting to be withdrawn from classes may be required to return their financial aid refund amount for that semester.

4. If the withdrawal is approved, the student will receive a W on the transcript for all courses approved.

For more information, or assistance in initiating this process, contact the office Student Affairs (937) 512-2291

  • Last Revised: 08/10/2023