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Adding or Dropping Courses

Before adding or withdrawing from one or more classes, students should consult an academic advisor and the Welcome Center if using financial aid. The financial aid status of any student may be affected by withdrawing from one or more classes. Current or returning students must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to add or drop a course online.

A student who registers for 12 or more credit hours is considered full-time. A student who registers for 11 credit hours or less is considered part time. Students may withdraw online, in person or by phone.

To withdraw from a full term course:

  • Withdraw during the first eight (8) calendar days of the term for 100% tuition refund and no record of the class on the transcript.
  • Withdrawal later than the first eight (8) calendar days, but prior to the Friday of the thirteenth week of the fall and spring term; and prior to the Friday of the tenth week of the summer term, results in no refund and a grade of "W" on the permanent record. 
  • Courses that are not full term in length have special deadlines. Students should check their term statement or the Registration Calendar at:

In order to complete the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form visit the Welcome Center, Dayton Campus, or any regional center.

  • Withdraw online through or
  • To drop or withdraw from all classes for the term, students may also use the Communication Center, 937-512-3000, 1-800-315-3000.
  • A copy of the processed Withdrawal will be emailed to the student. This is proof of withdrawal and should be kept for the student's records. Failure to follow one of these processes means the student will receive a grade, usually an F/Z, in the class.
  • Note to Veterans:

  • Veteran education benefits will be affected by withdrawal from one or more classes.
  • Veterans should first contact the Military Family Education Center (formerly Veteran Services) in person at the Dayton Campus, Building 10, Room 10444 or via email at:
  • For information on Financial Aid Add/Drop Census Date Policy, see Financial Aid on page 19.

    • Last Revised: 08/10/2023