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Associate Degree

To be an associate degree candidates, a student must:

  • Fulfill requirements of the degree program and the institution.*
  • Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours.**
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 either overall or within their program of study.                                               

*Generally, a student meeting all associate degree requirements in effect at the time they begin their coursework toward a specific degree program will qualify for graduation. However, if the course of study is prolonged beyond six years after beginning, a student is required to consult academic advising to work with the appropriate department chairperson to determine graduation requirements. If a student has been enrolled continuously at Sinclair College for more than six years, and the degree program has not significantly changed, the student may request approval to graduate under their initial catalog requirements.

**Generally, the requisite 60 semester hours must be earned at Sinclair College or through other arrangements with other regionally accredited institutions or contractual relationships approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Additionally, unless a higher number of semester hours are specified by individual academic programs, students earning an associate degree from Sinclair College must earn a minimum of 15 semester hours of their academic program from Sinclair College. Programs requiring additional hours of residency (for accreditation, licensure, etc.) will provide an explanation or justification for any variations of the minimum credit hour requirements in their program literature and college catalog.

To earn more than one associate degree at Sinclair College, a student must take a minimum of 12 credit hours in one associate degree program that are different from another associate degree program, and a minimum of 24 credit hours in one bachelor degree program that are different from another bachelor degree program. If a student qualifies for more than one degree during the same semester using the same curriculum and does not take the minimum hours difference, the student may choose the degree to be awarded.

For more information about degree related policies mandated by Higher Learning Commission (HLC), visit:


  • Last Revised: 08/10/2023