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Students are expected to be present at all class sessions. It is the students' responsibility to read and understand the class attendance policy that will be defined in the syllabus for each course. 

Online courses are considered to begin on the first day of the semester. Within the first two weeks of the term, you must complete the first assignment in the course to establish attendance or you will be reported for non-attendance. Simply logging into the course shell will not satisfy this requirement. 

It is the faculty member's responsibility to define attendance or participation requirements and to monitor and record the students' fulfillment of these requirements. It is a program's prerogative to have specific policies across multiple sections due to the unique requirements of that program. Attendance for traditional classes or participation for Sinclair Online classes may affect final grades, financial aid eligibility, and VA Education Benefits. This policy differs from the "Financial Aid Student Attendance Policy", which may be found on page 15 of the Financial Aid section.

  • Last Revised: 11/19/2021