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Benefits for Domestic Partners



(RESOLUTION #2014-30)


With this resolution, the Sinclair Board of Trustees approves benefits for same-sex and

opposite-sex domestic partners of full-time employees of the college.

WHEREAS, Sinclair is committed to maintaining competitiveness in the recruitment and retention of

employees; and

WHEREAS, Sinclair is committed to maintaining competitiveness in the area of employee benefits; and

WHEREAS, an increasing number of colleges and universities in Ohio have expanded their definition of

eligible dependents under their benefit plans; and

WHEREAS, these expansions of eligibility have included domestic partners (same-sex and opposite-sex)

and their legal dependents; and

WHEREAS, Sinclair Community College has reviewed the benchmarks and options associated with

offering benefits to domestic partners; and

WHEREAS, college healthcare benefits for spouses and dependents currently include medical care, dental

care, and vision care; and

WHEAREAS, under specific college policies, spouses and dependents receive certain perquisites

pertaining to tuition waiver, sick leave usage, and family medical leave;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that domestic partners (same-sex and opposite-sex) of fulltime college employees and the legal dependent children of such partners be eligible for healthcare

benefits currently extended to spouses and their dependent children, effective with the benefits year

beginning January 1, 2015; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that those perquisites of tuition waiver, sick leave usage, and family

medical leave as set by college policy, be included in the benefit package for eligible domestic partners;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that if in the future, the college adopts other insurance programs or

policies for employees which pertain to spouses, that to the extent legally possible, the President is

authorized to include domestic partners in such programs or policies.

BOARD ACTION A motion to approve the resolution was made by Trustee Beth Whelley and seconded

by Trustee Helen Jones-Kelley. The motion carried.

  • Last Revised: 08/04/2023