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Chartering a Student Group at Sinclair College

Any currently enrolled Sinclair student may petition to charter a NEW student group at Sinclair College by completing the below steps.

Step 1: Review the list of current student group to see if there is already a student group with the same purpose. If there is a student group already established, please contact the Advisor to seek membership.

Step 2: Write down your student groups title and mission statement. This should consist of 2 to 3 sentences that can be shared with potential Advisors and members about your student group and the benefits it provides the Sinclair community.

Step 3: Find an Advisor. Identify a Sinclair employee who would like to volunteer their time to help mentor your student group. Be sure to provide them with your student groups mission statement and discuss how the student group will enhance the college experience.

Step 4: Ask the Advisor to complete the charter application. Advisors can complete the online application by visiting their my.Sinclair account. The form is located in Forms Central: Student Group Charter Application.

Step 5: Remind your Advisor to look for an email from the Coordinator of Student Engagement with an outline of next steps. This email will include dates and times of student officer and Advisor trainings as well as the Advisor Agreement.

Step 6: Recruit members to join your student group. Ten (10) currently enrolled Sinclair students is the minimum number of student officers and members to be considered an active student group. The Advisors, student officers and members will need to acknowledge the Student Code of Conduct/Honor Code. Your Advisor can download the form to record membership by visiting their my.Sinclair account. The form is located on Forms Central: New Student Group Charter Membership.

Step 7: Draft a student group constitution. Review the attached constitution template and sample with your student officers, members and Advisor. Schedule time to draft the constitution as a group. Remind your Advisor to email the final copy of the student groups constitution to the Coordinator of Student Engagement.

Approval Process: Once all steps are completed and all documentation has been received by Student & Community Engagement, the student group Advisor will be notified of the status of your student group charter. Please know that application and all documentation will be reviewed by the Coordinator of Student Engagement, Manager for Student & Community Engagement, and Director of Student Affairs as part of the approval process.

Questions: Contact the Coordinator of Student Engagement via email at or via phone at 937-512-2509.
  • Last Revised: 07/27/2023