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Employee Safety

Employee safety policy

Policy Statement:

It is the policy of Sinclair Community College to provide a safe environment for all employees, students, and visitors, and to promote continuing vital safety awareness.


This policy applies to all employees and contractors of the College.


Sinclair Community College recognizes its responsibility to furnish an environment which shall be safe for all; to provide safety devices and mechanical safeguards; to promote the use of methods and processes to protect the life, health, safety and welfare of employees, students and visitors, and to maintain and enforce a program to fulfill this responsibility.

Therefore, it shall be each employee's responsibility not only to assure his or her personal safety, but to develop a concern for the safety of all College constituents.

The acceptance of employment at Sinclair Community College obligates a person to follow the safety policies and procedures established by the College.


Safety Master Team: Membership includes several ex-officio personnel that have specific functional responsibility for various components of regulatory compliance, as well as appointed constituents from across the College. The mission of the Safety Master Team is to protrect the safety of students, employees and visitors; assure that facilities and programs are as safe as possible; minimize the financial loss potential to the College; and, assure legal and regulatory compliance.

The Vice President for Business Operations is designated the Senior College Administrator for the Safety Master Team.

All supervisors shall follow and implement all guidelines and safety rules of the College as appropriate to their working environment.

All employees shall abide by all safety rules and regulations of the College.

The Office of Human Resources shall coordinate employee safety training and maintain required records.

  • Last Revised: 08/04/2023