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Fraudulent Identification Policy

A Sinclair Community College student account may be administratively removed (i.e., courses, IT accounts disabled, etc.) if deemed fraudulent. For purposes of this policy, fraudulent means that the account contains false, misleading, or intentionally inaccurate information. 

To administratively remove a student account based on fraud, the college will use the following procedures: 

1. If college officials determine a student account is fraudulent based on a reasonable interpretation of available information and records pertaining to the student and other relevant circumstances, the fraud procedure and checklist can be referenced for this purpose.

2. After a determination of fraud has been made, the Vice President for Student Development or the designee will send an "Administrative Removal Letter" to the Sinclair e-mail account, which will serve as notification of the impending course withdrawal and removal from enrollment systems. A copy of this communication will be kept with the Registration and Student Records Office.

3. The "Administrative Removal" e-mail will inform the student that they are being removed as a student unless they verify their identity and provide other information requested by Sinclair to establish their identity. The student will have seven calendar days from the date the e-mail is sent to provide this information.

4. If the student does not respond to the "Administrative Removal Letter," the Vice President for Student Development or the designee will submit a request to the Registration and Student Records Office to process the withdrawal/drop from all course sections, and IT will remove system access. The notation "Administrative Withdrawal" will be notated on the course section in the student information system. The student will receive a "W" on their transcript, which will be assigned by the Registration and Student Records Office.

5. A student who has been administratively withdrawn from the course(s) is not eligible for a refund of tuition and fees for the course(s).

6. If a student is administratively removed and later provides sufficient information or documentation satisfactory to the Vice President for Student Development or the designee to verify their identity and/or not to be engaged in fraud, the student will be referred to the Office of the Provost. The Office of the Provost will work with the Department Chair and the Registration and Student Records Office to re-register the student for the course(s) they were administratively withdrawn from, if deemed appropriate or to take such other actions which may be appropriate to enable the student to continue their education at Sinclair. Such actions will be carried out in accordance with other applicable Sinclair policies, and the student may be required to follow the procedures in those other policies.

  • Last Revised: 07/24/2023