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The grade point average is computed by dividing the total points earned by the total credit hours attempted. Courses in which a student earns grades of X, I, W, P, N, S, IP, U, Y are not computed in the total credit hours attempted. 

The Financial Aid & Scholarships office may evaluate grades differently when determining Satisfactory Academic Progress. For additional information, review the Financial Aid & Scholarships policy on pages 20-23.

Students may be given an "I" grade if their work has not been completed. The students must contact their instructor and request an I grade. If the instructor agrees, the students and instructor must sign the "Incomplete Grade Contract." When the required work is completed within 30 calendar days after the beginning of the next term, a grade will be submitted for the "I" grade. If this is not removed within this time, the "I" becomes an "F." This time limit may be extended by special permission of the instructor.

If the student fails to contact the instructor to arrange an incomplete grade, the instructor is required to assign an "F" instead of an "I" for the term's work. For cases in which hardships are involved, the student may make up the work which could change the "F" to the grade otherwise deserved. The instructor's permission is required and must be done before term ends.


Flight Lab Completion Requirements/Registration in subsequent labs

You have two consecutive semesters to complete the Private, Instrument, Commercial-Multi, CFI, and CFII courses and three consecutive semesters to complete the Commercial rating. If your flight training is not complete at the end of the semester limit, you will be removed from the flight lab. At the end of the initial semester, if you are not complete, your flight instructor will schedule your new flight slots for the next semester and you will fill out an incomplete request form so that the "I" grade can be issued. If the form is not filled out and you do not schedule flight slots for the next semester, you will be issued a grade of "F" and you will be dropped from the flight lab.

If you do not complete the course in the allotted semester time limit, you will need to reenroll in the course in its entirety. If the program is full at the time you seek to reenroll, you will be put on the waitlist. Additional time for completion will be allotted if you are on place on active duty military-orders. Extensions to the semester time limit for other reasons will be considered on a case by case basis.

Based on the above guidance the requirement to maintain an Incomplete (I) grade is as follows:

1. additional semester plus 30 days for AVT 1124, 1126, 1224, 1226, 2266, 2269, 2271, 2277, 2278 AND 2286.

2. additional semesters plus 30 days for AVT 2263, 2264 AND 2265

An "N" grade indicates the student attended classes and made satisfactory progress but did not complete all course requirements. A "Z" grade indicates the student was registered for class but never attended. To challenge a grade the student believes is incorrect he/she must contact the instructor as soon as possible. 

Under no circumstance will a grade be changed after two years have elapsed from the end of the term in which the grade was recorded. Within the two-year limitation, a petition may be filed with the office of the Associate Provost asking consideration for change of "F" grade to "W," ONLY if emergency circumstances supported by documentation prevented either withdrawal by deadline date or completion of class requirement after that date.

Dean's List

To be eligible for the Dean's List in any term, students must have:

  • Six or more credit hours of college level course work for the term
  • A grade point average of 3.4 with no grade below a C for that term
  • Good academic standing

Courses for which students earn grades of X, IP, I, W, P, N, S, or Y are not computed into total credit hours attempted. Their placement on the Dean's List will be notes on their academic transcript.

Academic Intervention, Probation, Dismissal

1. All students must maintain a minimum academic performance of at least a 2.0 GPA cumulatively (2.0 or greater).

2. Students will be placed on the following academic standards:

  •  First semester below 2.0 GPA-Academic Intervention

  •  Second consecutive semester below 2.0 GPA-Academic Probation

  •  Third consecutive semester below 2.0 GPA-Academic Dismissal If the term GPA is 2.0 or above, the student will remain on Academic Probation
  • 3. Students will be returned to good academic standing when a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater is earned.

    4. Students who are on academic intervention or academic probation will receive correspondence that refers students to academic/faculty advisors/coaches, and Student Affairs for advising, academic assistance, and information on the impact on financial aid.

    5. Students who are on academic probation must be seen by an academic/faculty advisor/coaches to:

  • a. register or add classes
  • b. receive additional support information or assistance.
  • Students whose semester GPA is 2.0 or greater, but whose cumulative GPA would cause them to be dismissed, will be granted an additional probationary period for each semester in which the semester GPA is 2.0 or greater.

    NOTE: Financial aid considers all assigned grades when calculating cumulative grade point average for satisfactory academic progress evaluation.

    Grades and Quality Points

  • A--Excellent 4 points
  • B--Good      3 points
  • C--Average  2 points
  • D--Passing  1  point
  • F--Failure    0 points
  • Z--Nonattendance 0 points
  • U--Unsatisfactory 0 points
  • I--Incomplete  0 points
  • Y--Proficiency Credit 0 points
  • W--Withdrawal 0 points
  • P--Pass 0 points
  • S--Satisfactory 0 points
  • N--Progress 0 points
  • IP--In Progress 0 points
  • X--Audit 0 points
  • Grades not used in calculation of grade point averages

  • AA--Articulation Agreement
  • AP--Advanced Placement
  • CL--College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • CT--Career Tech Credit Transfer
  • DS--DANTES (DSST) (Standardized Subject Test)
  • A/B/C#--Proficiency Credit
  • -- No grade was assigned
    • Last Revised: 08/10/2023