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Sinclair Guarantee -What happens after graduation? The Sinclair Guarantee of Graduate Quality gives graduates two guarantees they can count on:

  • A guarantee of transfer credit for graduates receiving Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees at Sinclair Community College, for entering a university parallel/transfer program with confidence.
  • A guarantee of job competency for those who have obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree at the college and wish to enter a technical career program

This tuition-free education as described below constitutes the sole and exclusive remedy under the Sinclair Guarantee of Graduate Quality.

Guarantee of Transfer Credit (AA and AS Degrees)

For students thinking about pursuing a four-year degree, Sinclair Community College guarantees to its Associate of Arts and Associate of Science graduates the transfer of course credits to those Ohio colleges or universities that have articulation agreements with Sinclair Community College.

The guarantee applies only to courses included in a written transfer/articulation plan that must be on file in the Provost office.

Limitations on the total number of credits accepted in transfer, grades required, relevant grade point average, and duration of transferability apply as stated in the catalog of the receiving institution. Cost of books, insurance, laboratory and activity fees, and other course related expenses are the responsibility of the graduates. For details about the guarantee, see an academic advisor.

Guarantee for Job Competency (AAS Degrees)

Graduates looking for a technical job should be sure to tell potential employers that they are Sinclair graduates. Many of them know that Sinclair Community College guarantees appropriate technical job skills identified in the program outcomes for a specific degree to its Associate of Applied Science graduates. And, if the employer feels the graduates are lacking in technical job skills identified by the program outcomes for the specific degree program, the college will provide the graduates with up to nine (9) tuition free credit hours of additional training by Sinclair Community College, under the conditions of the guarantee policy.

The guarantee applies only to graduates employed on a full-time basis directly related to the area of program concentration as certified by the Provost. Employment must commence within twelve (12) months of graduation.

Cost of books, insurance, uniforms, laboratory and activity fees, and other course related expenses are the responsibility of the graduates and/or the employers.

Special Conditions for the Job Competency Guarantee

The employer must:

  • Certify in writing the employee is lacking job skills related directly to the degree's program outcomes.
  • Specify areas of deficiency within six months of the initial employment.
  • Develop a written educational plan for retraining the graduate in cooperation with the appropriate academic department at the college.
  • Retraining will be limited to nine (9) semester hours of credit related to the identified skill deficiency and to those classes regularly scheduled during the period covered by the retraining plan, and must be completed within a calendar year from the time the educational plan is agreed upon.
  • The guarantee does not imply the graduate will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular career.

  • Last Revised: 08/03/2023