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Harassment Policy

Sinclair Community College is committed to maintaining an environment free from harassment. The college's Student Harassment Policy-pertaining to student on student harassment, and Employee Harassment Policy and Procedure-pertaining to harassment by employees against either students or other employees, can both be found on the College's intranet website,, and on the Human Resources webpage. These policies both pertain to harassment other than sexual harassment. (The college has a separate Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy, see that policy, described on page 307.)

Inquiries concerning the Student Harassment Policy should be referred to the Vice President for  Student Development. A complaint of harassment by a student against another student should be reported to any of the following persons: Vice President for Student Development, Director of Student Affairs, Dean, or Department Chairperson.

Inquiries concerning the Employee Harassment Policy should be referred to the Equal Opportunity Officer/Director of Human Resources. A complaint of harassment on the part of a College employee against a student or another employee should be reported to the Equal Opportunity Officer/Director of Human Resources, the complaining employee's supervisor or supervisor's superior, Department Chairperson, Dean, or Vice President for Student Development.

  • Last Revised: 07/27/2023