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Honors Program

Academic Honors offers many rewards:

  • Availability of Sinclair Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Opportunity to participate in Service Learning
  • Academic challenge and personal enrichment
  • Honors designation on transcript
  • Special commendation as an Honors Scholar after completing required courses
  • Attendance at regional meetings of Honors students and faculty from other colleges and universities
  • Better preparation for entering baccalaureate and advanced programs
  • Increased opportunities for financial aid and membership in honor organizations like Phi Theta Kappa
  • Scholarships and/or transfer articulations with Miami University, University of Dayton and Wright State University.

Students can participate in Honors in two ways:

Individual Honors Courses

Students with a 2.8 GPA may enroll in individual Honors courses whether or not they plan to become Honors Scholars. To receive Honors credit, a student must earn a minimum of "B" in the course. What honors courses will be offered next term? Ask your instructor! Any course on campus or online beyond the Developmental level may be taken with an Honors option, with the approval of the instructor and the department chair. To find courses, students can search the online course schedule planner by keyword. Enter "honors" in the search box under keyword and a list of courses offering honors options will come up.

Honors Scholars Program

Students may apply to become Honors Scholars. Interviews take place each term. Upon acceptance, scholars undertake to complete four honors experiences while maintaining an overall 3.25 GPA. Two of the four honors courses must be in different disciplines and one course must be Interdisciplinary. The interdisciplinary requirement may be waived if courses are taken from four different disciplines.

In addition to other financial aid and scholarships, Honors Scholars may apply for up to six Academic Excellence Scholarships on a per-term basis during their time in the program.

Honors Scholars are required to fulfill a Service Learning requirement before completing the program. Students will perform unpaid community service as part of a selected Honors course or just on their own. Students seeking help in choosing a service project are encouraged to contact Sinclair's Service Learning office at:

Find the application and other Honors Program forms at:

More details about Service Learning visit:

  • Last Revised: 07/25/2023