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Jury Duty Leave

Jury Duty Leave

Policy Statement:

Leave, as described herein, shall be available to full-time employees for jury duty.


This policy applies to all full-time employees of Sinclair.


Jury Duty

If an employee is called for jury duty, the College will continue to pay his/her salary, less the amount received for jury duty. An employee is expected to report to work during those hours his/her presence is not required as a juror. Arrangements should be made in advance with the employee's supervisor regarding attendance.


1. Notify supervisor to arrange for absence

2. Complete "Leave Request" form as follows:

a. For "Type of Leave" use "Other"; indicate "With Pay"

b. On lines provided for explanation, write "Jury Duty"

c. Fill in date you are to report, plus length of duty (if known)

3. Complete revised Leave Request form when the exact length of service is known. If you serve several days, have a break, and then return to court for further duty, you may need to complete more than one Leave Request to cover each continuous period of duty.

4. When you receive your check from the Court:

a. Endorse the check to the College, submit it to the Bursar's office and obtain a receipt.

b. Attach receipt to final Leave Request form or take receipt to Office of Human Resources, 7340.


It is the responsibility of all employees to be knowledgeable of the provisions of this policy and use them appropriately. Appropriate documentation for requested jury duty leave may be required. Falsification of a written or signed statement or document shall be grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal.

The Office of Human Resources shall administer the policy.

  • Last Revised: 08/04/2023