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Leave of Absence Without Pay

Leave of absence without pay

Policy Statement:

The College shall accommodate, when possible, requests for unpaid leave of absence for up to ninety (90) days in any given fiscal year.


This policy applies to all regular, full-time employees. Unpaid leave granted under this policy shall be for reasons other than those related to FMLA leave -- family (birth, adoption, placement for foster care) or medical condition (of employee or qualifying family member.) FMLA leave is governed by separate policy.


An employee may request, within the scope of this policy, a leave of absence without pay for a period of up to a maximum of ninety (90) days in any one fiscal year.

The employee shall create a written request, in memorandum form, specifying the reason for the leave and the number of days/hours being requested. The employee shall also fill out a Leave Request form and attach it to the memorandum.

The employee shall submit the request to his/her immediate supervisor to initiate the approval process The request must be approved by the immediate supervisor, Dean/Director, Vice President and Provost. If, at any point in the approval process, the request is denied, it shall be returned to the employee with the reason for denial.

Those approving the request shall show their approval by putting their signatures on both the memorandum and the Leave Request form.

Fully-approved requests shall be submitted to the Office of Human Resources. The employee and his/her immediate supervisor shall know that the leave has been approved when they receive, from the Office of Human Resources, a copy of the request with all required approval signatures in place.

Health care (medical and dental) benefits provided and normally paid for, in whole or in part, by the College may be continued during a leave of absence without pay provided that the total premium cost of such benefits (employee plus employer share) is paid by the employee. Failure to make the premium payments shall result in lapse of benefits. Cost and payment schedule information is provided by the Office of Human Resources.


All employees and supervisors shall be knowledgeable of the provisions of this policy and apply them appropriately.

The Office of Human Resources shall administer and interpret this policy.

  • Last Revised: 08/04/2023