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MAP My Academic Plan

My Academic Plan (MAP) is a prescriptive plan of courses, created with the input of an academic advisor, that assists students in meeting their academic goals. The MAP uses the curriculum of a student's active academic program and creates a personalized plant that takes into consideration the student's academic and non-academic life.

In order to have a MAP created, students should meet with their assigned academic advisor. Once the MAP is created and agreed upon by the advisor and the student, it will be made active. In order to stay On Plan with their MAP, students can access their MAP electronically in a number of ways:

  • Log into either from a computer or smart phone and click on the My Academic Plan (MAP) icon.
  • Ask the academic advisor to email them a copy of their MAP.

A student with an active MAP will have the benefit of an easier time scheduling each term. By logging into the registration portal via the portal, students will be presented with the courses for which they and their advisor agreed they should register for that term. This eliminates the need to search through the entire Sinclair catalog for their courses. 

Further, if a student has inadvertently registered for the wrong course or failed to register for agreed upon courses, they will receive notification that they are Off Plan and should contact their advisor to modify their plan or make corrections. All of these features assist a student in meeting their academic goals in a timely and personalized fashion.

  • Last Revised: 05/05/2022