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Medical or Mental Health Withdrawal

Medical or Mental Health Withdrawal

A medical or mental health withdrawal is defined as withdrawal from classes due to a severe medical condition, either physical or emotional. It is intended for use only in extraordinary circumstances in which unanticipated serious illness or injury prevents a student from continuing to attend or participate in one or more classes.

Request Process:

1. Withdrawals requests based on physical or emotional issues should be completed as soon as possible by the student or the student's legal guardian and submitted to the office of student affairs (Room 10-202).

2. Medical statement must be completed by physician and/or therapist (Link to medical statement). All application materials will be confidentially maintained.

3. If you receive financial aid or veterans benefits, discuss the impact of your withdrawal on your eligibility for the assistance received.

a) Students receiving financial aid or military-related funding should speak with departmental staff members in the Military Family Education Center or with an enrollment specialist in the Welcome Center to have an understanding how it may impact their current financial aid, or future financial aid.

b) Students requesting to be withdrawn from classes may be required to return their financial aid refund amount for that semester.

4. If the withdrawal is approved, the student will receive a W on the transcript for all courses approved.

For more information, or assistance in initiating the Medical or Mental Health Withdrawal process, contact the office of student affairs (937) 512-2291

  • Last Revised: 07/06/2021