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One Year Time Limit on Math Prerequisites

The following policy applies to all math courses with a MAT course designation except for MAT 1110, MAT 1120, and MAT 1130.

Students registering for a MAT course are required to have completed the prerequisite course not more than one calendar year prior to the semester in which they are taking the given MAT class. This means the prerequisite course must have been taken in one of the three consecutive semesters (including summer) immediately prior to the semester in which they want to take the given MAT class. For example, in order to register for MAT 1570 in the fall of 2022, a student must have taken the prerequisite course MAT 1470 no earlier than the fall 2021 semester.

Students whose prerequisites for MAT courses were completed more than one calendar year ago should see an academic advisor for assistance in registering for a MAT course.

NOTE: This policy does NOT apply to courses offered by other departments that have a MAT course as a prerequisite.

  • Last Revised: 08/03/2023