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Online Course Registration Policies

Sinclair offers a variety of online programs and more than 300 online courses. Course content is the same as face-to-face courses and meets all program and transfer requirements. 

To register for online courses, students are required to:

  1. Complete the How to Succeed in eLearn tutorial
  2. Current or returning students must have a 2.0 GPA - students who do not have a 2.0 GPA can contact Academic Advising for registration options
  3. Students may register for an online course up to midnight of the second day of the term
For more information about Sinclair's online courses, certificates, and degrees visit the SinclairOnline website or contact Sinclair toll free at 888-226-2457.

Revised 8/7/2023

  • Last Revised: 08/07/2023