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Online Testing Information and Academic Integrity Policies

The Academic Integrity Policy addresses willful acts of cheating, dishonesty, and plagiarism and establishes common procedures to be followed when such acts occur. The intent of the Academic Integrity Policy is to improve students' understanding of academic integrity while affirming the concepts and philosophies established in the Sinclair Community College Honor Code.

To support the implementation of academic integrity of students' work, some proctored (supervised) testing may be required in some courses.

Some courses at Sinclair demand in-person testing or online proctored testing that may require a student to purchase or download additional software and/or hardware. Such testing requirements will be noted in the Registration Portal and the course syllabus. Students are strongly encouraged to read course descriptions and syllabi thoroughly to determine any testing requirements before registering. 

More information is available at Sinclair's Testing Center website.

Revised 8/7/2023

  • Last Revised: 08/07/2023