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Personal Data

To change a name or address:

  •  Apply online at:, or
  •  Complete a change of information form at the Dayton Campus Welcome Center or at any of the regional centers.
  • To change a social security number, students must bring a copy of their card to the Welcome Center, Dayton Campus or at any of the regional centers. Military-affiliated students must report any change to the Military Family Education Center (MFEC) in person or onle at Dayton Campus, Building 10, Room 10444 or via email at:

    A change of address does not automatically change residency for fee purposes. For that, students must file a separate application for a change of residency and show proof of eligibility at Registration & Student Records. For deadline dates, see Registration at:; call 937-512-3000 or 800-315-3000.

    To change a name, proper court documentation must be brought to Registration & Student Records, Dayton Campus or to any of the regional centers.

    • Last Revised: 05/05/2022