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Recording of Lectures and Other Classroom Sessions

The decision to record lectures is at the discretion of the faculty member. Accessibility needs of students or department policy may affect a faculty member's decision to record. 


  • Recording lectures and other classroom sessions which include personally identifiable information about any student, such as name, photograph or video image, or email address, creates an education record of each student in the recording, and the recording is thus subject to the confidentiality and inspection requirements of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


  • The content of these recordings, which is created by the faculty member, is intellectual property.  In most instances, under Sinclair policy and per the Faculty Handbook, the intellectual property takes the form of a copyright interest and is owned by Sinclair.


  • The portions of recorded lectures and other classroom sessions that include personally identifiable information about any student are confidential  and cannot be shown or provided to anyone other than the student(s) enrolled in the specific class where the recording is made.
  • Any student whose personally identifiable information is contained in the recording has a right to inspect the recording.  In some instances, if the student is unable to review the recording on campus, Sinclair may be required to provide a copy of the recording to the student. Since inspection may not be able to occur by having the student come to a college location in person to review the recording, it will in many instances be required that Sinclair provide a copy of the recording to the student.
  • A student who receives a copy of a recording that includes personally identifiable information about any student, including themselves, must be informed in writing that they are prohibited from sharing or distributing the recording to anyone else, including posting it online or on social media, without specific written permission from Sinclair.
  • To document that Sinclair has taken steps to comply with FERPA and to protect the intellectual property/copyright interest in connection with recording lectures and other classroom sessions, the following steps should be taken:
            o Faculty should consider when to record and use technology tools to delete or minimize the inclusion of personally identifiable student  information in recordings.

            o Faculty should include statements in the syllabus and course overviews that address:

                     -- Whether lectures or classroom sessions will be recorded

                     -- How students can obtain copies of recordings.

                     --That recording by students is prohibited without written permission from Sinclair. (An example of permission would be recording as an accommodation approved by the Office of Accessibility Services.)
  • Under FERPA, it is permissible to share recordings which contain personally identifiable information about students with other employees of Sinclair who have a legitimate educational interest in having the recording.
  • Last Revised: 08/18/2023