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Student Affairs Services and Supports Offices

Student Affairs Services and Supports

Student Affairs is here to help you!

The mission of Student Affairs is to provide Sinclair students and the campus community with exceptional guidance and assistance as they work to achieve their goals.

Building 10, Room 10424 | (937) 512-5113

Accessibility Services provides reasonable academic accommodations, auxiliary aids, assistive technology, support services, and access to qualified
individuals with disabilities in accordance with the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


Building 10, Room 10424 | (937) 512-4429
Appalachian Outreach collaborates with college and community partners to provide programs and services that help eliminate educational and social barriers, champion the benefits of post-secondary education and life-skills training, and promote Appalachian cultural awareness at Sinclair and in the community.


Building 10, Room 10424 | (937) 512-3032
Counselors provide academic and/or personal counseling through individual appointments that are free and confidential. Counselors also develop a Student Action Plan with students to assist them with defining goals and action steps for academic and personal success.


Building 13, Room 13426 |
The Sinclair Student Food Pantry offers a selection of shelf-stable pantry goods, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, diapers, formula, wipes and for in-person shoppers, the pantry now offers a selection of refrigerated and frozen food items.


Building 10, Room 10441 | (937) 512-2481
The LGBTQ+ Outreach Coordinator along with the Offices of Student Affairs seeks to provide a campus environment where all students, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, feel welcomed, respected, safe, and valued as full members of the campus community.


Building 10, Room 10444 | (937) 512-2586
Military Family Education Center assists veterans and military family members with accessing and using VA Education Benefits. Military Family Education Center provides support for veterans both at Sinclair and through community partners.


Building 13, Room 13426 | (937) 512-2066
The Office of Multifaith Campus Ministry is a center for spiritual life that encourages interfaith dialogue and spiritual deepening. The Multifaith Campus Chaplain works to provide pastoral care, educational opportunities, and programs related to religious and spiritual life. Students, staff, and faculty from all religious traditions and spiritual practices, as well as those who have no affiliation, are welcome.


Building 10, Room 10424 | (937) 512-2205
The Ombudsman provides assistance to students who indicate they have problems, issues, or concerns that need resolution. The office serves as a quick link for those needing immediate help.


Building 8, Room 8025 | (937) 512-2509
Student & Community Engagement provides students with a wide variety of resources ranging from leadership development opportunities to resources for connecting to local employment opportunities. The office is also responsible for a variety of student activities, campus clubs, and other organizations. This department serves as a resource for employers who are seeking to connect with and recruit students through job postings, career fairs, or other on-campus activities.


Building 8, Room 8025 | (937) 512-3055
Student Judicial Affairs is charged with upholding the Student Code of Conduct, which identifies behavioral expectations for all students on Sinclair campuses and all regional learning sites. The Student Code of Conduct, including the Academic Integrity Policy, can be found on Sinclairs website.


TARTAN TOPS | (937) 512-2309  
The TOPS Program will provide an educational/career pathway for part-time students who have an intel­lectual disability. Students completing the pathway will receive an Academic Career Readiness and Training credential. The general education courses taken as part of this program will assist students with developing the skills needed for academic and career success. Students will complete two semesters of internship experiences to prepare them to enter the workforce.


Building 7, Room 7L07 (Library) | (937) 512-2792
The Tutoring & Learning Center is the centralized location for academic support on campus. The mission of the Tutoring & Learning Center is to empower students through quality tutoring. Services are free to currently enrolled students. The Tutoring & Learning Center provides support for over 200 courses. Students can self-schedule on the TLCs website to meet with a tutor either face-to-face or virtually.


Sinclair Talks are a variety of workshops, seminars, interactive sessions, dialogues, and service-learning opportunities that are focused on enriching the student experience through a variety of academic resources, career exploration, diversity dialogues, financial opportunities, leadership training, interpersonal development, peer discussions, and more.






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