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Student Background Check Policy


Scope and Purpose of Policy 

This policy applies to all students enrolled at Sinclair Community College and to persons seeking reinstatement to a program, transfer students, and pre-program students who intend to seek admission into a program in which a background check is part of the program's curriculum and/or is required to become credentialed or licensed post program completion. 

Ohio is one of many states which mandate criminal background checks for persons working in certain health care, early childhood, public safety, and related settings. Criminal records checks are required for persons working in positions of responsibility for the care, control or custody of children and in positions that involves care to a person age 60 and older. The law requires the record checks to be conducted by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (SCI) and prohibits hiring applicant persons who have been convicted of certain offenses or who fail to provide the information necessary for a records check. 

This policy is intended to inform students that criminal convictions may compromise eligibility to participate in clinical/practicum experiences, thereby preventing program completion, as well as jeopardizing their eligibility to become credentialed/licensed in their respective fields. 

Students are responsible to communicate with the department chairs to determine eligibility for placement at clinical/practicum affiliate. Students are further responsible to contact the credentialing boards directly to ascertain if there are restrictions or automatic bans to credentialing/licensing due to criminal background histories. 

Please refer to the appropriate Academic Divisions website for specific program information 

Background Check Procedure


A.       Students should communicate directly with the department chair or department designee for specific directions.


B.       Sinclair Community College is a provider of National WebCheck. National WebCheck is an electronic fingerprint collection and transmittal system designed by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. It allows background checks to be done through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (Ohio BCl&I) with results being mailed in less than one day. National WebCheck can interface with the FBl's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for the background checks that require the FBI search.


Only Sinclair Community College students who are required to have the state and federal background checks for their program of study will be scheduled. Background Checks are not available to the general public at Sinclair Community College.


The cost for both State (BCI) AND Federal (FBI) is $ 65.00. Payment is made in person through the Sinclair Community College Bursar's office by the student.



   C.         Background checks are valid for one year once they have been completed by Sinclair Community College. Students are responsible to assure                              their background checks are current for clinical/practicum. Some programs may require the background check prior to                                                                               beginning the program, again prior to entering the clinical/practicum environment(s) and following graduation for                                                                                       application to the state or national credentialing agencies.


D.         Background Checks from Other Agencies


1.     All programs, with the exception of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program*, may accept a background check completed at another agency, institution or department provided it:


a.        was completed within one year from the due date specified by the program; and


b.        is sent directly to the Sinclair College program from the agency which completed the background check in the past.


*The ECE program cannot accept a background check from any other agency, institution or department, per the requirements of the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.


E.         Background Check Results


Most background checks can be processed within five business days. However, due to the investigative nature of the check that involves searching nationwide court records OR if additional information is requested, extra time may be needed.


                      -    Background Check Results Report will be sent directly to the party designated on the request form.

!   Documentation will be placed in student file

                       -     Confidentiality of records will be maintained.    

1.       Report returned with no criminal history on record, no further action needed.

                         2.      Report returned with criminal history on record, or statement "May not meet qualifications for licensing or employment".


If Student wants to be considered further, a meeting must be schedule with the Department Chair or Program Director to address if conviction(s) of certain criminal offenses may disqualify a student access to clinical/practicum environments.


Department Chair/Program Director/Academic Clinical Coordinator/Fieldwork Coordinator for the specific program will contact the major affiliate clinical/practicum affiliates/sites to obtain an opinion on whether a student with a particular offense would be permitted to attend clinical rotations at that facility.


i.           Only the conviction(s), including years since offense occurred will be discussed; Students names are not



ii.          The clinical/practicum has the authority to deny an individual with the reported criminal history access to clinical/practicum.


iii.        The student will automatically be disqualified to continue in the specific program once the major affiliate denies access and will be advised to withdraw and seek career guidance via Academic Advising.


iv.         There is no appeal process once the major affiliate denies access if an alternate and equivalent (parallel) clinical instruction cannot be provided.


v.          The specific program is not required to attempt an alternative placement in a clinical/practicum environment if student is disqualified.


F.         Criminal Convictions which have been sealed


1.  A criminal conviction which has been sealed may be included in a student's criminal background check. It will be reviewed and considered to determine whether the student may be eligible to be placed at a clinical/practicum site.


2.  A sealed conviction may also be considered by a state professional licensing agency reviewing an application for licensure.


 Students should contact the specific credentialing board for further information regarding felony offenses prohibited for specific credentialing.

  • Last Revised: 11/22/2023