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Veterans Educational Benefits

Students who meet the VA eligibility criteria may be certified to receive educational benefits by registering with Sinclair's Veteran Services office.

Information regarding the criteria for receiving benefits and current payment rates may be found at:

Once a student has been deemed eligible to receive VA education benefits, the student will submit eligibility and enrollment information to the Sinclair Veteran Services office. It is recommended that students submit their information as soon as registration is complete in order to allow ample processing time at the VA. Registration information must be reported for each term in which a student wishes to use VA education benefits. It is also the responsibility of the student to provide an updated schedule to the Veteran Services office when any schedule changes are made. Students can find updated information and forms to process VA education benefits at:

For questions about using VA education benefits at Sinclair, please contact: Veteran Services, Dayton Campus, 937-512-2586.

Repayment of Benefits

Under certain circumstances, repayment of benefits to the VA could occur. Please see the following list of possible repayment situations.

  • 1. Dropping from courses
  • 2. Non-attendance of courses
  • 3. Punitive grades for courses (Z, F, U grades)
  • To best avoid these situations, report any schedule changes immediately to Veteran Services. If a student has questions or is concerned about these situations, it is best to speak with Veteran Services to discuss impact to their education benefits.

    Courses and Programs of Study

    Students with prior credits who attended previous college(s) or served in the military must request official transcripts. Transcripts will be evaluated by the office of Registration & Student Records. Once the credits have been evaluated, the school will send the student a letter informing them of the number of credits accepted.

    Make an appointment with an academic advisor to review the degree audit. A degree plan is required before Veteran Services will certify any VA education benefits. Sinclair's developmental courses are approved for all chapters as long as students have tested into the courses through placement testing.

    Two-year associate degree programs qualify for VA educational benefits. Sinclair's developmental courses must be taken in-person to qualify for VA educational benefits. One-year and short term certificate programs do not qualify.

    The following is a listing of courses that are not approved for VA benefits:

  • 1. All certificate programs
  • 2. Any course that cannot be credited toward graduation in the degree program
  • 3. Any developmental course taken in an online format
  • 4. Real estate courses through Dayton Board of Realtors for students not enrolled in Real Estate degree program
  • Remember: Assistance may be received in course selection, but the final course selection is the student's responsibility. Students should follow the course outline as contained in the college catalog and see the academic advisor.

    • Last Revised: 06/10/2021