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Veterans Educational Benefits

Students who meet the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) eligibility criteria may be certified to use educational benefits.  For information about VA benefits, students can visit the VA directly at Students will work with Military Family Education Center (MFEC) at Sinclair to assist in using this funding through the college.

Students that are interested in using their GI Bill benefits at Sinclair should use the following steps:

1.  Go to to find checklists for benefits and other important forms to assist in  attaining education funding from the VA.

a.  If the student does not have a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA, they will need to complete the application for the benefits through the VA website.

2.  Students that have the COE approval letter from the VA, will submit a Semester Enrollment Form (SEF) each term after they register for classes.

3.  MFEC will verify the following:

a.  Student is degree seeking

          i.  Students' degree program has been approved by the VA at 

        b.  All Development and Remedial classes require placement test scores indicating what course the student placed.  Any remedial or 
            developmental courses must be taken in-person to utilize VA funding.

c.  All registered classes are required toward degree program or required prerequisites of the degree program.

4.  GI Bill Benefits Stipends

a.  VA does not follow the same guidelines for full-time benefits.  Students will need to visit the VA at to learn more.

For questions about using the GI Bill at Sinclair, please contact:  MFEC, Dayton Campus, 937-512-2586 or

Repayment of Benefits 

Under certain circumstances, repayment of benefits to the VA could occur. Please see the following list of possible repayment situations.

1. Dropping from courses
2. Non-attendance of courses
3. Punitive grades for courses (Z, F, U grades)

To avoid these situations, it is advisable to speak with the MFEC to discuss the potential impacts of not successfully completing courses on your VA education benefits.

Transfer Credit

Students with prior credits who attended previous college(s) or served in the military must request official transcripts. Information about requesting official transcripts and tools to assist in preliminary searchable credit reviews, can be found at

Official transcripts will be evaluated by the Office of Registration & Student Records (RSR).  Once the credits have been officially evaluated, RSR will send the student a letter informing them of the number of credits accepted.  Students can make an appointment with an Academic Advisor to discuss transfer credit by visiting

Military Attendance Policies

Sinclair Community College is dedicated to the success of our military students. To best serve the students who serve our country, Sinclair has several policies to assist.  We recommend that students, staff, and faculty speak with the MFEC to discuss each student situation.

1.  Military Attendance Form- A form to assist in the facilitation of conversation between the student and instructor if a student is deployed or has mandatory training that impacts attendance.  This form can be found at: or on Sinclair Forms Central

2.  Military Refund Appeal- A form to complete if a student dropped a class with a 'W' grade for military reasons.  This form can be found at:

Other Military Funding

In addition to the GI Bill there are other funding sources that are available to military-affiliated students.  These benefits are Federal Tuition Assistant (TQA), National Guard Scholarship (NGS), My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA), and the Ohio War Orphan Scholarship (WOS).  Detailed information about applying for and utilizing these benefits can be found on the checklists located on

Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB)

Sinclair is proud to partner with WPAFB with assisting students achieve their academic goals.  Sinclair is one of the few colleges in the region that offers services and classes on base.  The WPAFB Sinclair office in Area B, Building 50.  For directions, information, and to schedule appointments with Sinclair at WPAFB, please visit

Dayton Veteran Lounge

As a thank you for our veteran and service members, we offer a lounge space at the Dayton Campus next to the MFEC office.  The lounge is intended to serve as a resource space for veterans and service members to use, while working toward their educational goals.  For information and utilization of the Veteran Lounge, please visit

MFEC Contact Information:

Dayton Campus-Building 10444

Monday-Friday 8amEST-5pmEST

(937) 512-2586 |

**GI Bill is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at
  • Last Revised: 08/03/2023