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Work Outside Primary Position


for Full-time Non-faculty Employees

Policy Statement:

Employees of the College are hired for a primary purpose. To the extent that employees wish to engage in other employment activities, inside or outside the College, it is necessary to assure that the primary purpose for which the employee was hired is not compromised.


Provisions of this policy apply to non-faculty employee groups.


Additional Employment and Compensation

Activity for which additional compensation is received may not be performed to the detriment of the purpose of the primary position.

Adjunct Teaching Assignments for Full-time Non-faculty Staff

Non-teaching staff members who are hired to teach a class in addition to their regular duties may only accept a teaching schedule that meets the following guidelines:

Full-time non-faculty employees are limited to a total of 6 credit hours per semester.

Full-time non-faculty employees may only teach before or after their regular assigned work hours for their primary position

o Exception: Full-time non-faculty employees may teach two days per week, 50 minute sessions, between the hours of 11-2 only

Any activities related to the adjunct teaching position (i.e., prepping for class, grading papers, preparing presentations, meeting with students, etc.) may not be done during the regular work day

Other Activities:

On occasion, full-time, exempt employees are asked by college departments outside of their own department to provide a service or share their expertise. Such extra activities on the part of full-time employees shall not be compensated in addition to the compensation received for their full-time position. Any exceptions to this rule must be handled through Special Services Agreement procedures.


Employees and supervisors shall be knowledgeable of the provisions of this policy and adhere to them.

References and Related Policies:



Exempt -The term exempt refers to the status of a position under Federal wage and hour laws. Exempt positions are positions exempt from the overtime provision of the law. Exempt personnel include administrative and professional staff of the college.

Sinclair reserves the right to withdraw or amend this policy at any time.

  • Last Revised: 11/16/2023