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Emergency Medical Technician (EBST.S.STC)

  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are essential members of the health care team who provide time sensitive care to patients. These individuals take the emergency department to people's homes, to highways and to other remote locations. EMTs bring life-saving equipment and knowledge to bear in an effort to reduce patient’s suffering and to save lives. Students will use lecture, laboratory and real world exposure to emergencies to learn the skills needed to care for the sick and injured in the out-of-hospital environment. The program is offered to provide students with variability and flexibility in scheduling. For more information, contact the EMS department at 937-512-5338 for an entrance application packet. Note: For students under age 18 there may be restrictions on participating in certain Health Sciences programs. Any student under age 18 must contact the program director/department chair to discuss whether he or she may enroll.

Within the greater Miami Valley area, EMS professionals are hired by fire departments, private EMS and hospitals. These agencies typically hire entry personnel based on the candidates state licensures / certifications – not whether the candidate is degreed. When local departments are hiring full-time employees, many of them are looking for paramedic / firefighters.