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Associate of Science (LA.S.AS)

  • Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
  • Department: Science, Mathematics and Engineering Division

The Associate of Science is designed for students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university and pursue baccalaureate degree programs such as Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Pre-professional programs , i.e. Medicine, Pharmacy, etc. The curriculum fulfills the freshman and sophomore general education requirements of most four-year colleges and universities. As part of this degree program, students must complete the requirements of the Ohio Transfer Module in order to graduate.

  • Multicultural Elective 3 Credits
  • Ohio Transfer Module: Arts & Humanities Elective 6 Credits
  • Ohio Transfer Module: Natural & Physical Sciences Elective 12 Credits
  • Ohio Transfer Module: Social & Behavioral Sciences Elective 6 Credits
  • MAT 1580 Precalculus 5 Credits ENG 1101 English Composition I 3 Credits SCC 1101 First Year Experience 1 Credit
  • COM 2211 OR COM 2206 OR COM 2225 3 Credits
  • Any Course in Catalog Elective 18 Credits
  • Ohio Transfer Module: Natural & Physical Sciences Elective OR Ohio Transfer Module: Mathematics Elective) 3 Credits