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Lifestyle Wellness Coaching (LWC.S.CRT)

  • Division: Health Sciences
  • Department: Allied Health
This certificate provides the knowledge and skills needed to be a Lifestyle Wellness Coach. Understanding the theoretical models is important to create a foundation of knowledge about health behavior and behavioral change. However, it is critical for the health professional to be aware of and to continuously evaluate the numerous psychological, social and holistic factors that influence health. The most important skill that lifestyle wellness coaches can have in terms of application of any theoretical concept is communication. Effective listening and motivational communication processes will allow coaches to gather necessary information. Effective, successful coaching requires the development of rapport and trust with clients or patients. It must be viewed as a collaborative journey of individualized goals in which each interaction and intervention brings the client or patient closer to increased self-efficacy, program enjoyment and long-term adherence. Lifestyle Wellness Coaches help clients/patients to learn and implement personally meaningful, ongoing behavior modification strategies and continual relapse-prevention techniques.