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Legal Studies Post Baccalaureate Certificate (PAR.S.CRT)

  • Division: Business and Public Services
  • Department: Legal Studies

The Legal Studies program educates students with practical assignments in a "simulated law office" environment. All student work demonstrates the professional, ethical, and technology concepts they will use in the legal field. All full-time faculty are licensed attorneys. Student learning is supported by experienced paralegals who serve as team teachers. This certificate is intended to enhance the attractiveness of an already obtained bachelor's degree by providing students with practical skills needed to work in the legal field. All Legal Studies students are required to complete an attorney-supervised internship for hands-on experience using their paralegal skills. A grade of ā€œCā€ or higher is required in all courses to remain in the program. Established in 1978, the Sinclair Legal Studies Program was the first paralegal program in the area, and the first in the area to be approved by the American Bar Association. Sinclair Legal Studies graduates hold a degree from an ABA-Approved program at a fully-accredited Ohio college.